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Find spiritual support for loss or trauma




Figgy Bottoms is a loving and accurate medium. She gave me a wonderfully detailed picture of my recently passed uncle Edgard being welcomed into heaven by a huge crowd of family, going back generations, and friends. The family included not only his (and my mother's) parents, relatives, and ancestors but also my father's parents, relatives, and ancestors!!! This surprised me, made me laugh, and left me with a warm glow in my heart that I feel every time I remember the scene Figgy described.

The joy of their reunion was very moving for me.


To all that love mediumship:
I have had a few private online readings myself from Figgy in the past and all her messages have been very accurate. Figgy has been an inspiration to myself, and has brought me closer to the knowing and knowledge that my loved ones are always around me in spirit and that they are just a thought away. Thank you Figgy for all the lovely messages and comfort of my loved ones you have provided me with.


A consultation with Intuitive Figgy Bottoms has opened my mind to gifts I was unaware of and would become pivotal in the course of my life development.  I am grateful.


Figgy is a gifted and intuitive psychic. At a time in my life when I could make little sense of events that
confused and confounded me she clarified elements that were important and guided me towards a better
understanding and outcome.

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How Does It Work?

A spiritual advisor is a psychic medium dedicated to helping others. The ability to connect with a soul is a gift, and making that connection to help others is a calling for Figgy Bottoms.

There are no gimmicks, just an opening to love and guidance that is ready to find you.  Figgy finds the connection you need.

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